1. Good Now

From the recording Good Morning, Good Night

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All lyrics and all songs written by Elijah Aaron.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Dave Brandwein @ Galaxy Smith Studios
Produced by Elijah Aaron & Dave Brandwein
Acoustic guitar, vocals & percussion - Elijah Aaron
Electric guitar & vocals - Dave Brandwein
Drum set - Eric Niessner
Bass guitar - Taylor Shell


Man she's gone away again
This time more than just pretend
But I can tell just by an angel
This aint the end

I can see it in her eyes
I can smell it in her way
But I can tell just by her footsteps
She's gone away

She said its gunna be good now
Its gunna be good now

Man she went away today
She said hey man you bound to pay
Well I admit girl I've done wrong
That's why I'm singin' this song

You say its gunna be good now
Hey man it's gunna be good now