1. Come Down

From the recording Good Morning, Good Night

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All lyrics and all songs written by Elijah Aaron.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Dave Brandwein @ Galaxy Smith Studios
Produced by Elijah Aaron & Dave Brandwein
Acoustic guitar, vocals & percussion - Elijah Aaron
Electric guitar & vocals - Dave Brandwein
Drum set - Eric Niessner
Bass guitar - Taylor Shell


I've read of your name in the books of my life
Promised I'd visit most every night
I'm Here
Come down

Your voice is enough to prove all that I need
My mind is the garden you've granted the seed
I'm here
Come down

And all the greatest minds have seen
The ups and downs of life in this machine
Send me on my way just let me know
Which way to go

You sing to me words of a soft lullaby
Gentle and lovely a kiss from the sky
I'm here
Come down

My smiles and laughter have lasted this long
Prove to me words and that love is not wrong
I'm here
Come down