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  1. Mi Bike

From the recording Good Morning, Good Night

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Mi Bike

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All lyrics and all songs written by Elijah Aaron.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Dave Brandwein @ Galaxy Smith Studios
Produced by Elijah Aaron & Dave Brandwein
Acoustic guitar, vocals & percussion - Elijah Aaron
Electric guitar & vocals - Dave Brandwein
Drum set - Eric Niessner
Bass guitar - Taylor Shell


I got a bike and it's the fastest one in town
You may have seen me ridin' around

No need for engines no ignition key
I get along with my own two feet

Its orange and black and the wheels are strong
And I can ride a long, long time

You can't find me slippin' slidin'
Always glidin' always ridin'
My bike

I like my bike it treats me right
It feels so good
I'm glad it's mine

I ride at day I ride at night
I like my bike
It treats me right

And it's a smooth operation
I gadda ride it, gadda ride it
Ride ride