From the recording Good Morning, Good Night

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All lyrics and all songs written by Elijah Aaron.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Dave Brandwein @ Galaxy Smith Studios
Produced by Elijah Aaron & Dave Brandwein
Acoustic guitar, vocals & percussion - Elijah Aaron
Electric guitar & vocals - Dave Brandwein
Drum set - Eric Niessner
Bass guitar - Taylor Shell


She lives in a cabin a home in the hills
Her life has been lovely she's always seen sunshine
She dreams and she jokes and she laughs and she smokes
And the guys are all saying this girl's got the right mind

I live back down on ground
Her love is a dream that I haven't found

She lies in the field and she acts as if nobody sees her
But they all believe that she's just right
She paints with the purples and pinks of the sky
Timid and shy I wish I could belong there