From the recording Perfect Little Home

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All music and lyrics written and performed by Elijah Aaron.
Engineered, mixed, and produced by Elijah Aaron.
Copyright 2014 Palnik Studios


I’ve got it made
I’m with the one I love, I’m not afraid
She calls for me
That’s when I know right where I’m supposed to be
Much like the sun
She warms the hearts of all and everyone she meets
And how I long
For every note of he exquisite song

I saw you there
I said hello I like the cloths you wear
You smiled at me
Now we sit with years of you and me, you and me
They call it fate
The gifts in life that simply can not wait
We call it love
A glimpse of all that’s waiting up above
Ant it’s waiting for you

Years from now I hope to know you
I know I’ll know you
Because we’ve got a good thing

We got a good thing goin on