1. Modeh Ani

From the recording Perfect Little Home

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All music and lyrics written and performed by Elijah Aaron.
Engineered, mixed, and produced by Elijah Aaron.
Copyright 2014 Palnik Studios


Wakes up to sunlight that blankets the floor
Next to the one he’d do anything for
He calls out a prayer and he means every word
A song that’s been passed down the line
A song that protects him and tells him that all will be fine

Goes to the kitchen and picks up a pear
Smiles as he sits in his favorite chair
He calls out a blessing as old as the sun
With words that his family all knows
Words that bring praise to the earth and to all that it grows

These are waves of love in the eternal ocean

Happily humming he runs back upstairs
Eager to see what his pretty wife wears
He calls out her name and she opens the door
And hugs him with all of her might
And they look to the heavens and the angels look back in delight
Together they sing

He sings a song that has traveled a long long way
From the deepest part of his soul

He says hey lord, why’d you pick me
There are millions that need more than I
There are children that fight to be free
There are mothers that sit and they cry
But the answer came back in the shine of his pretty wife’s eye
Together they sing

Let us rejoice and swim in the river the eternal river
It is a river of strength and a
River of peace and a
River of joyous laughter and living love

Modeh Ani
Thankful are we